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Groovy Arcade Linux is an up to date GNU/Linux system, in
64 or 32 bit liveCD/liveUSB versions.  It can be installed from the LiveCD
onto the hard drive, or booted from a USB flash drive.

It has the current bleeding edge Linux DRM with Kernel Mode Switching
and includes patches to allow 15Khz operation for Arcade Monitors 
and NTSC/PAL TV output.  It uses the newest GIT versions of Xorg
so that the Vsync works with OpenGL without tearing and running 
with the vertical refresh rate of the monitor.  It uses WahCade
as a frontend, and includes LXDE and FVWM Window Managers and
also the newest Chromium web browser.  It uses a custom C program
named SwitchRes that utilzes Xrandr and a custom modeline generator
to dynamically mode switch to the most optimal resolution for emulation
on an Arcade Monitor or other monitor types.  

Basically everything is just about done for you in the LiveCD and
you can enjoy almost flawless emulation, depending on your Arcade
Monitors capabilities, and not have to do much technical setup or
work at building things from source.   
Donate to help fund development for SwitchRes/Groovy Arcade Linux:
* Multiprocessor support for waitvsync mode with new mame patches, both Windows and Linux.
* Windows SwitchRes compile will dynamically create modelines for Radeon
  cards.  You need Soft15khz by SailorSat and create a list of "dummy modelines" with
  the usermodes option, up to 60 (more than 16 needed to reload dynamically).
  Thanks to Calamity for giving me the information to add this feature.
  This perl script can create the resolutions
  Soft15khz is available here: Soft15khz
  Radeon ATI CCC driver wtih 130 modeline capability hacked by Calamity:
  Radeon CCC Driver

Current bugs:
* None currently known

Currently included software/versions:
* Linux linux- w/Radeon Page Flipping support 
  and custom kernel DRM/KMS patch for Arcade Monitors
* SwitchRes wrapper for MAME/MESS and other emulators
* MAME 0.141 plus hiscore/cabmame patches
* MESS 0.141 plus hiscore/cabmame patches
* Mupen64plus N64 Emulator (newest version W/Glide64 support)
* ZSNES Emulator
* NEStopia Emulator
* Stella Atari2600 Emulator
* Gens SegaGenesis Emulator

* Chromium
* GIT version of Xorg server/apps and drivers

Download most recent GIT source code for LiveCD build and SwitchRes:
git clone git:// 

Current Snapshot from GIT
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